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Announcement and 2010-2011 Points Season Results

July 28th, 2011 by admin

Before reading the points results, please read the announcement below:

The National Deaf Poker Tour was founded six years ago; during these six years, we have remained committed to our original mission. This mission was to find the best deaf poker players and match them against each other in hopes that someone will represent us on the big stage at WSOP, WPT, USPC, or another major poker tour.

To ensure that this mission remains focused, NDPT is making the following changes:

  • All six partners of NDPT will not be eligible for any tour prizes. We would like to see others have the opportunity to play on the big stage and win additional prizes.
  • NDPT is proud to announce a new initiative: NDPT Training Academy. With Joey Seifner and Nathan Montoya claiming cash or winning championship from NDPT events over the last year we are pleased that they have agreed to share their secrets and tips with everyone.
  • Vouchers for the top points winners can be used for WSOP, WPT, USPC, or NDPT events. While we prefer our best players to go to the big tour events we understand that they may not have time to do so. NPDT is flexible and want to meet everyone’s needs.
  • Vouchers must be used within one year from previous NDPT tour closing date (i.e. Use up by end of July 2012 for winning top two on overall 2010-2011 tour ranking).

Points Results

Note: Everyone actually moves up 2 places as Joey and Nathan’s positions are not actually counted.


  1. LoBue Anthony 304.8
  2. Seifner Joey 299.2 (Not qualified for rewards)
  3. Montoya Nathan 236.1 (Not qualified for rewards)
  4. Hanson James 200.9
  5. Cao Tam 200.3
  6. Brafford Joseph 173.2
  7. Steffl Francis 164.7
  8. Pearce Cliff 164
  9. Quigley Cren 157.3
  10. Minckler Lawrence 140.9
  11. Procopio Michael 133.8
  12. Breiter Martin 127
  13. Ratcliff Tony 126.4
  14. Scharnow Michael 123.7
  15. King Tomeka 121.9
  16. Thompson Matt 119.2
  17. Parsintiz Wally 118
  18. Leonard Theodore 116.4
  19. Forncrook James 116.2
  20. Robinson Joseph 112.6


  1. Clarke Lauren 109.3
  2. Schmidt Debra 76.7
  3. Fallstone Hollie 54.2
  4. Russo Regina 50.2
  5. DeRosa Nicole 44.3

Thank you for participating in a great season!

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