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Future NDPT Tournaments

November 7-8, 2014 - Atlantic City, NJ


Midwest Tournament – Gary, Indiana – June 7, 2008!

May 03rd, 2008 by nationaldeafpokertour

NDPT is excited to announce our midwest tournament to be held on June 7 in Gary Indiana!

The casino is Majestic Star Casino and it’ll be at 9AM. Please come in between 7am and 8:30am to register.

Buy-in will be $150

Click here for the MAJESTIC STAR NDPT FLYER (pdf file)

Free breakfast for players

Rooms available at $50 per night for players who play at least 4 hours on cash games.


The winner of this event will get a FREE entry to our Main event in Las Vegas on July 25.

Of course there will be CASH prizes for top winners of this tournament

Free Bus Information:

The bus runs 24 hours a day and picks up passengers in Chicago starting at 25 minutes after each odd hour. The bus is free to ride. For more information, contact Super Star Tours at 312-328-0388. Refer to this website for more information about locations and times.

Distance to Majestic Star Casino in Gary Indiana

Chicago, IL: 25 miles
South Bend, IN: 72 miles
Milwaukee, WI: 115 miles
Indianapolis, IN: 160 miles
Madison, WI: 169 miles
Davenport, IA: 181 miles
Toledo, OH: 222 miles
Detroit, MI: 261 miles
Louisville, KY: 273 miles
Cincinnati, OH 273 miles
St Louis, MO: 300 miles
Cleveland, OH: 322 miles
Columbus, OH: 332 miles

Airports closest to Gary, Indiana

Chicago Midway Airport 24 miles
Chicago Ohare Airport 40 miles

Upcoming event – July 25-26, 2008 at The Venetian in Las Vegas

March 28th, 2008 by nationaldeafpokertour

Our next NDPT event is July 25 and 26 in fabulous Las Vegas!

The event will be held at Venetian.

The Venetian is rated among the top THREE best poker rooms in Vegas. Check it out here

The following events are as following:

1) Deaf Ladies on the 25th at 8pm. Cost is $75.

2) NDPT Hold ‘Em Madness at 9:30pm. Cost is $120.

3) Main Event at 12:15pm. Cost is $200.

4) ASL Event at 8pm. Cost is $120.

To find airfare, hotel, etc – plan NOW. Use the Kayak search on the right to help you find the best deal. Kayak is a great site and always will find the lowest possible deal.

Come one, come all.

Poker Results from March 7-8 Weekend

March 18th, 2008 by nationaldeafpokertour

Here’s the list of winners from the recent March 7-8 Weekend

Deaf Ladies Event:

1 Arlene Weinstock $1,064.00
2 Lisa Anne Hower $591.00
3 Sara Wummer $355.00
4 Jenny Nygaard $237.00
5 Lorila Taylor $118.00

Madness Tourney:

1 Gregory Randall $2,880.00
2 Achille Buzzeli $1,656.00
3 Steven Coira $864.00
4 Creightan Kohr Quigley $504.00
5 Thomas Hart $396.00
6 William Ashby $324.00
7 Anthony Lopez $252.00
8 Albert Wilkins $180.00
9 Peter Schineck $144.00

Greg and Achille actually agreed to split their winnings as they were tied in chip account but it was 3AM! The main event was only few hours away.

Main Event:

1 Peter Vitucci $10,424.00
2 Michael Hylinski $5,473.00
3 Ryan Leon $2,737.00
4 Harry Rothstein $1,642.00
5 Albert Wilkins $1,232.00
6 Tad Yamada $958.00
7 Young Joon Park $685.00
8 David Garmene $548.00
9 James Francis Rydstrom $466.00
10 Elijah Gold $355.00
11 Tony Ratcliff $355.00
12 Abraham Selzer $355.00
13 Roberts Mcintosh $355.00
14 Matthew Kohashi $355.00
15 Thomas Coons $355.00
16 Michael Kamers $355.00
17 Joseph Seifner $355.00
18 Joseph Neely $355.00

Peter Vitucci and Mike Hylinski agreed to split their winnings but Peter ended up 1st due to bigger chip stack.

ASL Tournament:

1 Irvin Buckingham $4,389.00
2 Scott Henry $2,304.00
3 Michael Devlin $1,152.00
4 Victor Viera $691.00
5 Thomas Brown $518.00
6 Steven Coira $403.00
7 Young Park $288.00
8 Lueiana Tegni $230.00
9 Craig Ridgway $195.00
10 Peter St. John $150.00
11 Qiang Zhi Li $150.00
12 Anthony Lopez $150.00
13 Jamie Chea $150.00
14 Aaron Brock $150.00
15 Robert McIntosh $150.00
16 Thomas Hart $150.00
17 Robert Capece $150.00
18 Jason Ingraham $150.00

A total of $48,445.00 were given out in prizes!!

Photos from March 7-8 Tournament

March 18th, 2008 by nationaldeafpokertour

View Slideshow Here

March 7-8 Poker Extravaganza

February 08th, 2008 by nationaldeafpokertour

Come one, come all to our next installment of our weekend extravaganza.

It’ll be from March 7 to March 8 at Taj Mahal at Atlantic City.

March 7:

8pm – Ladies Tournament $75 ($55 to pot)

9:30pm – NDPT Madness Tourney $100 ($75 to pot)

March 8:

11am – NDPT Main Event $200 ($160 to pot)

7pm – ASL Tourney $120 ($90 to pot)

Download the form from this link Download Form and send in your payment.

If you pay for the main event, you can get the discounted hotel as explained in the post below.

The best way to fly into Atlantic City is using Spirit Airlines which can be found at www.spiritair.com

NONSTOP flights to/from Atlantic City via Spirit:

Atlanta (ATL)
Detroit (DTW)
Fort Lauderdale/Miami Area (FLL)
Fort Myers (RSW)
Los Angeles (LAX)
Myrtle Beach (MYR)
Orlando (MCO)
San Antonio (SAT)
Tampa Bay (TPA)
West Palm Beach (PBI)

Any questions – email us as always!

Hotel Available at Group Rates

February 06th, 2008 by nationaldeafpokertour

We have hotel rooms at group rates for NDPT’s upcoming tournament.

The new room rates are for friday night $129.00+ tax and Saturday $149.00+ tax.

They will be given out in order to those who have sent in payment for our main event.

Any questions – email us!

A Player’s Perspective of the NDPT

November 16th, 2007 by nationaldeafpokertour

November 10-11 Weekend
By Anthony LoBue

I had been waiting the NDPT Atlantic City weekend to come all year, as I had previously attended the NDPT tournament in March 2007. Due to previous obligations I was unable to attend the Midwest Regional Poker tournament at Harrah’s, and the NDPT at Las Vegas. I was thrilled when NDPT came back to the East coast once again for November 10-11, 2007.

On Friday night, I arrived at Atlantic City about 6:30 pm, checked in my bags into the room that I reserved in the Taj Mahal. My roommates and I went over to this hamburger place which they had great Kobe Beef hamburgers. Stuffed and ready to play we then went to the Poker room afterwards. We saw that 40 ladies played in the ladies tournament, with Lori Hower winning the Championship. Later in the evening the ASL madness began, about 8:30-9 PM, 83 Players participated in the tournament including myself. I was excited to be there, as there was so many deafies from all over the United States. I saw old friends from Chicago, California, not surprised to see the poker freaks from New York <who I play with almost every weekend in New York>, and DC poker heads. To me this was a warm-up for the Main Event which would take place at 11:45 on Saturday. There were about 8 tables to begin with, and I lasted well into the final 3 tables then my cards just fell apart. Brad Gibson won the Madness tournament, congratulations goes to him. Afterwards I stuck around the poker room, primarily playing cash game, which I did pretty well in. My friend Alex did far better than me, raking in over $600 in profit. That lucky bastard! We stayed well up till 6:30 in the morning playing and we realized we needed to get some sleep in order to be mentally sharp for the Main Event. When we left the poker room, there were still several deaf players still playing in the cash game. Alex pointed to me that there was an actress who was playing poker, Michelle Yeoh <credits include Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon movie>, who was in the same poker room with us. She had like a massive chip stack in front of her, well over 7,000 in cash chips. We noticed her at 3 in the morning, and when we returned to the poker room the next day for the 11:45 AM tournament, she was still playing well into the late afternoon!

Saturday woke up and had breakfast, and headed over to the Trump poker room, where there were 162 players participating in the Main Event. There were more than 40-50 spectators on hand watching the tournament. I was seated on the same table as the eventual NDPT champion, Jonathan Barnes. He played some excellent poker, and took a few hands off me. Unfortunately the table that I was on, knocked off at least 7 people off the table while I was there. I commented to the player next to me “this table kills poker players”, and the person next to me agreed. I kept hoping that I would get moved or the table split up because of the frequency of eliminating players. All the players played tough and loose. Eventually my chips and luck ran out, and I left the tournament unranked. That was a big disappointment for me, because I had been playing local Texas hold em’ games for the whole year with a few championships myself, and felt mentally & physically prepared. Guess that the cards and fate just did not go my way, and shows that Texas Hold Em’ is anyone’s game to win. I want to extend my congratulations to Johnathan Barnes for winning the NDPT Main event.

Saturday night, came the ASL tournament, and here, 102 players participated in the tournament with Kat Brockway winning the ASL tournament. A congratulations goes out to Kat for winning the ASL tournament. I would never forget this hand that I had in this particular tournament, I was running low on my chip stack, and flopped an ace high flush. I had slow played this hand till the turn, and went all in. This other fellow called me, and showed a two pair. The river came, a 10, he hit his full house. It was the sickest loss for me of the tournament. I quickly exited the tournament, and jumped onto one of the cash table games. Ended up playing until 10:30 PM, and then had to head back to New York. The weekend was over for me then, and I’m thinking….there’s always March, which will be the next NDPT tournament in Atlantic City and I am ALL IN!

Results from November 9-10 in Atlantic City

November 12th, 2007 by nationaldeafpokertour

Friday Night Ladies Event (40 participants)

  1. Lori Hower $990
  2. Christine Parrotte $550
  3. Christie Sharp $330
  4. Barbara Servalli $220
  5. Sheri Muir $110
  6. Melissa Daudier
  7. Jerilyn Winegard
  8. Tomeka King
  9. Karen Kennedy
  10. Meg Brown

Friday Night Hold ‘Em Madness (83 participants)

  1. Brad Gibson $2490
  2. Mark Panella $1431
  3. Eric Dubow $747
  4. Michael Coppage $435
  5. Molly O’Hara $342
  6. Leo Bourgeois $280
  7. Art Tellander $217
  8. Sung Park $155
  9. Jason Klein $128

Saturday NDPT Main Event (162 participants)

  1. Jonathan Barnes $9,875
  2. Felix Ramirez $5,184
  3. Ryan Leon $2,592
  4. Jeffrey Green $1,555
  5. Henry Sawick $1,166
  6. Zhi Li $907
  7. Jay Hicks $648
  8. Joseph Palatsky $519
  9. Travis Imel $441
  10. Alexander Cohen $337
  11. Russell Jobes $337
  12. Dominick Passions $337
  13. John Klaver $337
  14. Paul Kaufman $337
  15. Peter Schneck $337
  16. Yusef Yusufov $337
  17. Evan Winegard $337
  18. Joseph Bruno $337

Saturday NDPT ASL Event (102 participants)

  1. Kat Brockway-Aiple $3,672
  2. Adam Jarashow $2,111
  3. Evan Winegard $1,101
  4. Brent Talley $642
  5. Simi Zfati $504
  6. Ryan Maliszewski $413
  7. Michael Procopio $321
  8. Debra Schmidt $229
  9. Jeremy Beaver $187

Please email us if we misspelled your name! Thanks!

Photos from November 2007 – Taj Mahal, Atlantic City

November 12th, 2007 by nationaldeafpokertour

Main Event Champion - Jonathan Barnes
Jonathan Barnes – Main Event Champion

Ladies Event Champion - Lori Hower
Lori Hower – Ladies Event Champion

I swear, everywhere I go, there is a Deaf Texas Hold ’em game going on!

By Greg Randall

I went to Montreal, a city where they didn’t speak English or sign ASL and I found a Deaf Texas Hold ’em game. I found them at Deaf Weddings too. Said the bride to the groom on their wedding night, “I’m going to the bed, dear.” “I’ll come after the game” replied the groom. Deaf clubs every where – with racks of chips and cards in the cupboard and folding felt card tables ready for those big weekend games. Deaf Texas Hold ’em games are even found online with Deaf players battling it out on weekly basis. And at all those games, every single one of them, they all talk about “The Big Game” and I swear, at every Deaf Texas Hold ’em games, I find players who I would shake their hand and say “See you in Atlantic City baby!”

Montreal, with their own style will come. Rochester home games, see you in Atlantic City. The brutes from SICD and BSD I’ll meet you there. They will be coming from the Midwest and the South too. Texas will be representing itself very well as well. Online players everywhere will unplug and make their way to the city on the shore. I know for a fact that there will even be an eager beaver coming all the way from Bay Area in California. DC/MD/VA area will be there ready to fight at the Big Game. Even non-players will come as fans and to have a great time too.

Do not miss out.

The Big Game

National Deaf Poker Tour

Trump Taj Mahal

November 9, 10 2007